My name is Janett Lima, Muito Prazer! I am Brazilian, and have been a teacher all my life. I founded Lima Linguas in 2010 after having worked as a Portuguese teacher and language school manager for over 10 years. As I became more familiar with distance learning, I realized that I could offer the same Portuguese classes I gave in person for years online to students throughout the world. Over time we perfected our method and greatly improved our technological resources. Over the past 5 years, we have taught thousands of class hours to our students online. 

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Portuguese from Federal University of Ceara, a prestigious Brazilian University, and an advanced degree in Applied Linguistics.  I have been teaching Portuguese and English in Brazil and the US for over 10 years.  In Brazil, I worked as the Portuguese Language Supervisor at a language school in Fortaleza.  I was in charge of creating the curricula, choosing and developing classroom material, also hiring and training the Portuguese and English teachers, in addition to handling a full schedule of classes. Since moving to the US, I worked as a Portuguese teacher at a language school in Beverly Hills, and I have taught Portuguese classes online and in-person to students here in Los Angeles and all over the globe. I teach many of the classes myself and oversee the instruction of all students.

​The luxury of hiring online allows me to choose the best teachers regardless of their geographic location. Some schools refer students to tutors many of whom are not even professional teachers. I would never recommend you hire me to do your taxes, nor would I advise anyone to hire an accountant to teach a language. On a very basic level, you should hire a teacher to teach if you expect to learn. Our teachers are exceptional professionals, and are also all nice, warm people as well.


Aline Evers has a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages, a Master’s Degree in Lexicology and is working towards a Phd in Lexicology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul,  Brazil.  She has taught Portuguese for foreigners since 2010. Aline is an Examiner of the Celpe-Bras Exam (the Brazilian Ministry of Education's official exam for Portuguese language proficiency). Aline is passionate about words and dictionaries and loves movies and popular culture, which she often integrates into her Portuguese classes. Aline devotes a great amount of time and energy into her preparation and it shows in her classes. Though she is a perfectionist with her subject area, she is a kind and friendly teacher. Aline's classes are dynamic and fun, while at the same time, thorough and detailed.  She knows her stuff and it shows.

​Myrtes Folegatti, holds a PhD in Brazilian Literature and a post-graduate degree in Portuguese for Foreigners at PUC, a major Brazilian University in Rio de Janeiro, where she also works as a Professor of Reading Strategies. Myrtes is a Member of the Association for Teachers of Portuguese as a Foreign Language in Rio. Myrtes also teaches high school drama and is a lover of the arts.  She incorporates aspects of these interests into the classes she prepares. Myrtes is wonderful teacher. She teaches some of our most advanced students and can teach very advanced material in a fun, easy-going Carioca way.

Juliana Feiden has a degree  in English Teaching, a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and currently she is a Phd student at the Federal University of  Rio Grande do Sul,  Brazil.  She has taught Portuguese for foreigners since 2010, when she went to the United States as a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant, where she worked as a Portuguese professor at Baylor University, in Waco Texas. Juliana is very creative and spends a great deal of time customizing her classes. She is smart, independent and her students love her.

​Sara Oliveira is from Salvador, Bahia. She has a bachelor's degree in Portuguese as a foreign language and Portuguese literature from the Federal University of Bahia. She also has an advanced degree in Distance Education. Sara is an examiner of the Celpe-Bras Exam, and has given and graded the exam four times. She was also a teacher in a Brazilian governmental program called "Mais Medicos", in which Portuguese teachers taught foreign doctors who were working in Brazil. She also taught in foreign exchange programs. Sara is kind, genuine, fun and a real pleasure to have as a teacher. She incorporates television clips, songs from her region of Brazil and documentaries about her city of Salvador. Her students learn without realizing it, and end up with a wealth of cultural knowledge.
"Janett is my fourth Portuguese teacher and by far my favorite.  She is very personable and thorough, her experience is evident by the various learning methods she incorporates into her teaching. I am a physician and plan to spend time working in Brazil and her expertise in helping me understand the nuances of the language and the Braziilan culture has been invaluable."
 - Ansou, Physician