In a nutshell: We are an online Portuguese language school. Our highly qualified teachers from throughout Brazil give classes online in online classrooms. Visit the How page to see a screenshot.

Our methodology focuses on conversation and fluency, not memorization and repetition, so students are speaking from the first class on. In order to truly learn a language, interaction is essential. Communicative learning teaches vocabulary in context rather than as a list to be memorized. Grammar is learned through fun task based exercises, not by repetition and rote memorization. This way students learn to think in Portuguese, respond naturally, and understand without having to translate in their heads. 

All classes are individually prepared and tailored to each student, we do not merely turn pages in a book or read prepared power point slides. Language classes should be something you look forward to, not suffer through. Classes are fun and dynamic, yet efficient and effective. The Portuguese lessons are prepared taking into account the student's strengths, interests, learning style and experience level. Students who commit themselves will truly learn Portuguese. Online courses that rely on video lessons and automated learning systems can teach you phrases but can never make you fluent.

​Since our online Portuguese language school

exists in cyberspace, it is more convenient

and flexible then in-person classes. We have

students who study Portuguese online from

hotel rooms, their offices, and coffee shops. 

There is no better, more convenient way to

learn Portuguese than to learn Portuguese


Our program consists of 6 levels, the

parameters of which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF), a universal norm for language competence and progress (see the FAQ page for a more detailed breakdown of each level.) Though the objectives for each level are fixed, each student’s journey will be unique and all students will progress at different paces. Everyone is encouraged to learn in the style and at the pace that suits them best.

All of our teachers are professional, experienced Portuguese teachers. They all have advanced degrees and are hand picked for their exceptional background and ability in the classroom. Janett Lima creates each lesson plan and then controls all aspects of its implementation. She stays actively engaged with all students, and suggests teacher rotations and changes when necessary.  We do not refer you to unvetted online Portuguese tutors, who often are not even professional teachers. Our teachers are talented, well qualified, consistently trained, carefully supervised, and work together as a team. Our technology and methodology makes us a unique school, our teachers and dedication to quality makes us special.

If there is a specific purpose for your interest in learning Portuguese, such as an exam, we are happy to create a preparation course. For example, one of our teachers is a grader for the CELPE-BRAS and has prepared many students for that exam. We have helped students prepare for Portuguese exams for Universities, the US Military, as well as proficiency exams like CELPE-BRAS.

A Word About My methodology:

All students learn in different ways, students who learn Portuguese online are no exception. Everyone comes to us with different levels of linguistic and life experiences. I have been trained in a wide variety of teaching methodologies, and adjust the online Portuguese lessons depending on each students unique learning style. 

A lot of my students come to me after unsuccessful attempts at learning Portuguese through  videos, CDs and books that only focus on grammar aspects and repetition of vocabulary. This methodology is usually boring and can be  ineffective because learners need real interaction in order to learn a language properly.

In my online Portuguese course we will study the formal aspects of Portuguese grammar and vocabulary incorporated into real-life situations. My teaching focuses more on the use of the language rather than the usage, making practice a priority instead of memorization. This way I keep classes  effective, dynamic and fun.

​"I've had two other Portuguese teachers who charged more and delivered far less than Janett. She always creates interesting lessons that are useful, meaningful, and provide important cultural information about Brazil. She is great!"

-Lela R.