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Phrase of the month

"Ultima coca-cola na deserto." Someone thinks that they are "the last coca cola in the desert" when they think that they are better than everyone else.

Portuguese Resources

Conjugador will conjugate any Portuguese verb. Simply type any infinitive in the box and press the conjugate button. 

Though none are great, this is an interesting
Portuguese dictionary aggregator. It lets you choose any online dictionary or translator to translate your word or phrase.

Dominio Publico is a free database of a mountain of Portuguese literature, poetry and music.  Unbelievable resource.

A great site to research topics in Portuguese is the
Portuguese version of Wikipedia

Carta Capitalis a Brazilian news magazine. It is interesting, informative and free.

Folha de Sao Paulo is Brazil's New York Times. There are Portuguese and English versions.

​For Intermediate and Advanced students, this site teaches Portuguese to Brazilian students studying for the vestibular, the Brazilian SAT.  Its got everything: Grammar, literature, podcasts, live twitter feed, the works

Check out our sister site if you are interested in takingonline Spanish, English, or French classes.

Read one of our original articles on the Portuguese language and language learning generally.


Bite-Size Literature

“I do not know much. But there are certain advantages in not knowing. Like virgin territory, the mind is free of preconceptions. Everything I do not know forms the greater part of me: This is my largesse. And with this I understand everything. The things I do not know constitute my truth.”

funny world cup twitter tweets

@DavidEpstein: in dog goals, it's 49-0

​@rustyrockets: They'll have 5 mins added on for the time Cesar has spent picking the ball out of the net.

@mickmcavoy: The last time I saw a Brazil this bleak it was getting directed by Terry Gilliam

@JustinRood: I just took the poll, Which German Goal Against Brazil Are You? I'm #6!

@bjnovak: And the saddest part is there's probably no fun ways to cheer yourself up in Brazil

There is a universe of Brazilian music beyond Samba and Bossa Nova. Falamansa, the band on the bottom right, is Forro, one of the primary rhythms of Brazil's Northeast. Contemporary Brazilian music is as good and progressive as any music you'll hear on the radio in the US and Europe. If these bands sang in English and if the universe were a cooler place, you'd have heard of all four of these bands. We rotate the music clips every blue moon, so check back for more.

Clarice Lispector