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Our classes are held online in online, virtual classrooms. We recommend that everyone begin 
by scheduling a free, no-obligation demo class and orientation where we show you the
classroom, assess your level and give a free demo class. If you choose to enroll, you will be
given a password and username. This log-in information allows 24 hour access to our virtual
​campus, where you can enter the classroom at the click of a button, watch videos of past classes, collect and submit assignments, and participate in group activities and workshops. It is not necessary to download or enroll in any programs, even Skype. The online classroom operates on tablets, notebooks and desktop computers, and works with both Macs and PCs. Both Janett Lima and the assigned teacher are available by phone and by Skype, and are happy to help walk you through the login process or help orient you to all of the features of the virtual campus by phone if you wish.

The virtual classrooms allow you to learn Portuguese online with a live teacher as if you were in a brick and mortar classroom, with the added benefit of the near infinite array of online multimedia resources and the convenience and flexibility that studying online allows. The teacher appears by video throughout the class and uses the virtual whiteboard to give lessons and review assignments. We use our own material that we have been developing and refining for many years.

​To read more about our methodology and how classes are conducted, please visit the
What page.​

"I began online classes with Janett six months before moving to Brazil.  Having previously studied Spanish, I had been able to learn some basic Portuguese on my own; however, Janett’s classes allowed me to finally develop a deeper understanding of Portuguese grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  She did an amazing job tailoring the courses to my individual learning style as well as the fast pace at which I needed to learn.  On top of that, Janett’s wealth of cultural knowledge greatly added to my language learning experience in addition to preparing me to live in a new culture.  Once I arrived in Brazil I was able to speak fluently and quite proficiently, while even making use of idiomatic expressions that Brazilians didn't expect an American to understand.  Now, when I receive compliments on my Portuguese from Brazilian friends, colleagues and strangers, I know that I have Janett to thank."

- Thomas Elliot,  Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro