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Our teachers are experienced, educated, credentialed professional Portuguese teachers. They use the same curriculum, same methodology and teach as a team. The quality of our technology and methodology makes us unique, the quality of our teachers makes us special. 

Our methodology is based on interaction, not memorization and repetition.  You will learn grammar and vocabulary through task based exercises and conversation, not rote memorization. Our students learn to speak, listen, read and write in fun and engaging activities

Classes are held in online classrooms. The classrooms feature virtual blackboards, and the teacher appears live by video. The classrooms are entered within our 24 hour online campus, where students view recorded classes and access free games, lessons and activities.

Online Portuguese Language School

Our philosophy

Our classes are personal, engaging and fun, yet they are thorough and content rich. All of our teachers are dynamic and enthusiastic instructors, and warm and genuine people. We like our students to rotate teachers as they progress to experience the variety of accents and teaching styles.

Our community

Even though we believe that one-on-one classes are the best way to learn, we also believe that communal and collaborative learning plays an essential role. Our virtual campus provides ways for students to connect. We also offer free group workshops and chat groups. All students receive the bi-occassionally published newsletter, The Lima Ledger.

Our classes

Our material is original, and all lessons are customized. We offer private, semi-private and small group classes. Of course the private one-on-one classes affords the most attention, customization and flexibility, however semi-private and small group classes allow us to form pair groups, and is an effective and more social way to learn.

Live in a world without limits.

Live in a world without limits.