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Language Tools


Conjugador will conjugate any Portuguese verb.  Simply type any infinitive in the box and press the conjugate button.

Though none are great, this is the best free online Portuguese /English Dictionary.

Dominio Publico is a free database of a mountain of Portuguese literature, poetry and music.  Unbelievable resource.

A great site to research topics in Portuguese is the Portuguese version of Wikipedia.


Carta Capital
is a Brazilian news magazine. It is interesting, informative and free.

Folha de Sao Paulo
is Brazil's New York Times.

For Intermediate and Advanced students, this
site teaches Portuguese to Brazilian students studying for the vestibular, the Brazilian SAT.  Its got everything: Grammar, literature, podcasts, live twitter feed, the works.
Phrase of the Month:

O Rei da Cocada Preta, literally 'the king of black coconut candy', and means someone who thinks that they are better than everyone else.  We highly recommend the song of the same name by the Brazilian Punk band, Muzzarelas.

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